Stop Motion Animation Forum Archive



From its inception in 1999, through to its end in 2012, the original website became an astonishing and invaluable resource. The new website, which took its place, is far better suited to the internet of today. However, its heart and soul (the community which makes up its userbase), finds its DNA in the deep and wide-ranging annals which were the day to day life of that original site.

A few numbers we could consider, in attempting to understand just what SMA was; The site had many thousands of members. It ran online for 13 years. In that time, some 14,000 photographs were shared in 15,992 seperate discussions, each with countless replies. Everything stop motion related was put under a microscope; examined, discussed and built upon, by its incredibly dedicated usership.

That incredible accumulated resource has been offline for far too long. So, on behalf of vortex42studio, and in association with Anthony Scott at SMA, I present The SMA Archive!

And, on a personal note, I would like to extend my profound thanks to Anthony, the progenitor of both SMA websites, for sticking with me on this project. Without his help and trust, this would not have been possible.

Paul J. McConnochie - April, 2016